We were looking for the house and were about to purchase a nice Victorian near Pine street, we were very pleased with the way house looked and everything seemed right but decided to have it inspected, we found Bay Area Home Inspections, scheduled an inspection and quickly had our house checked out, from the moment we called we were surprisingly shocked by professionalism and knowledge of our inspector. Our inspector Erast has walked us through the house noting things that we wouldn’t notice ourselves, everything was explained to us and it turned out that we were in for a solid buy, inspection report came in 24 hours. We’re still enjoying our Victorian, thank you Bay Area Home Inspections.
— Mark and Lisa, homeowners
I was looking for a property to invest in San Francisco, we were searching for a great value but did want to do some of the work ourselves to save some cash, found few properties that could potentially fit our needs, needed to get them inspected to make sure the key components were good. Stumbled upon Bay Area Home Inspections and scheduled with them. In a week I had all of the properties checked out, got a bulk deal from Bay Area Home Inspections, only one of the three fixer-upper properties was up to my standards and I went for it. Was a great investment, thank you Bay Area Home Inspections. Fast, efficient and informative experience.
— Adam Hayes, multiple properties owner