A sound roof is critical to the condition of your home. There are few things more exasperating to a homeowner than waking up from a sound sleep to hear rain dripping into your bedroom. A roof inspection from Bay Area Home Inspections can tell you the true condition of your roofing system so that you can fix any problem areas before they become leaks or transition into dry rot or structural damage. We can also give you an estimate of how long your roof is likely to last before you might need to replace it. Replacement or repair estimates are also available at no extra cost upon request through our partners - Eco Smart Roofer and 7x7 Roofing.

During our roof inspection, we will look at:

  • The age and condition of the roofing materials
  • Approximate amount of layers on your roofing system
  • Any missing roofing system pieces
  • Poorly designed roofing components
  • Faulty materials
  • Condition of flashing throughout roofing system and around chimney as well as flashings around perimeter of the system
  • Adequateness of gutters and downspouts as well as the slope and condition
  • Thermal signature of the roofing system
  • Moisture content underneath roofing membrane and overall density of the roofing system and it's structural components

We take high definition photographs of all problem areas. We follow our inspection with a detailed report so that you have a clear record of what we found. Our report will be a big help to your roofing contractor.