A broken or obstructed chimney or fireplace can be a fire hazard for your home and create noxious smoke and carbon. Often, problems can go unnoticed, especially if you haven’t used your fireplace since last winter. If you are a new homeowner, you might have little or no information about how the fireplace was used in the past and how careful a former resident might have been. A thorough fireplace inspection from Bay Area Home Inspections can give you peace of mind.

Bay Area Home Inspections provides a thorough evaluation of your fireplace, chimney and complete heating system. We look at the readily accessible portions of the:

  • Chimney interior and exterior
  • Fireplace interior and exterior
  • Chimney connection
  • Flue
  • Venting system
  • Fireplace appliances

We look for the basic soundness of the fireplace, chimney structure and flue as well as the connections. We also verify that the chimney is free of obstructions and combustible deposits.

Set your mind at ease before this winter. Call Bay Area Home Inspections for a thorough fireplace and chimney inspection.