If you are selling or purchasing a home, we recommend our full home inspection so that you know the true condition of your property and can make the most informed decisions. If this is your home and you need a repair schedule to protect your investment - full inspection is exactly what you need. Bay Area Home Inspections has performed accurate, reliable home and property inspections since 2008. During a home inspection, we examine every potential problem area, we only have one type of full inspection available and we are using every tool available on the market today to give you an idea of the building's condition. Bay Area Home Inspections is a Licensed General Contractor and we have a combined 50 year experience building homes from ground up. Do not settle for an inspector that is only certified, get the upper hand in a real estate transaction with a state of the art, technologically advanced inspection from a licensed general contractor. 


A solid, leak-free foundation is critical to the quality of a home. We check the foundation for evidence of damage, deterioration or settling. We also examine all accessible crawl areas as necessary. We use scans and high range moisture mapping tools wth thermal imaging to make sure you are not buying a cat in a bag.


We examine the building’s structure for the quality of the exposed framing and look for damage or deterioration due to weather, settlement or other issues. Our inspection includes a thorough check of the condition of exterior and interior surfaces, floors, walls, ceilings, attic framing and insulation.

Plumbing System

We check for the types and condition of supply and waste lines, including drains, vents and traps. We also check the condition of the water heater and heating system. We note any visible leakage or weaknesses in the plumbing system. Moisture mapping systems help us identify leaks inside structural framing.

Electrical System

We inspect the electric service and branch wiring, where visible, for capacity and condition. Unsafe electrical practices (unprotected conductors, ungrounded plugs, faulty wiring) will be pointed out. 

Roof and Attic

During the roof inspection, we examine its overall condition and look for visible signs of leakage. We also look at the condition of the gutters, downspouts, flashing and rain caps. We work with roofing partners that can provide you with an estimate for repair or replacement based on our findings so you can have a solid number for repairs or replacement for your real estate transaction.

Other Areas and benefits

Our inspection also includes the fireplaces, porches, grounds and decks.