Why Recurring Preventative Maintenance Inspections are Important

Many homeowners are reluctant to perform recurring preventative maintenance inspections, but don’t realize that they can go a long way towards bolstering the value of the home. Recurring preventative maintenance inspections are essential for retaining and growing the worth of your home, and can help you prevent more costly repairs from occurring in the future. For example, if you perform regular preventative maintenance inspections on your roofing, you may be able to identify problems like mold in small regions of the roof before they get out of control and require replacing the entire roof. Many professionals in the industry recommend spending between one to three percent of your home’s value on maintenance and repairs, so having inspections ensures that the money you spend is put to good use.

Knowing what recurring preventative maintenance inspections cover can help make it clear to you why they are so important for your home. A thorough inspection should include:


* Checking fire extinguishers for expiration and ensuring the contents of powder extinguishers haven’t settled

* Testing smoke alarms

* Testing electrical outlets with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt (GFCI ) plug-in

* Checking the auto-reverse on garage doors if present to ensure the door reverses if an object is detected in its path

* Checking all heating and air conditioning units and the hot water heater for leaks, rust, damaged wiring or other problems

* Checking drains and piping

* Checking appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers and clothes washers for leaks

* Checking the refrigerator drain pan

* Inspecting kitchen exhaust filters in case they need to be cleaned or changed

* Thoroughly inspecting all ductwork, pipes, and vents for dust, leaks, breaks or rust


* Checking the furnace for good ventilation, proper flame, areas of rust on the furnace and piping leading to ducts or the water heater

* Testing of the water heater’s pressure valve

* Inspecting any fireplaces for creosote buildup

* Checking brick and mortar of the mantel or chimney for cracks

* Checking toilets for functionality and checking bathroom fixtures for leaks and grout

* Checking vents, refrigerator coils, smoke alarms and heat registers


* In the spring and fall, it’s important to check gutters, downspouts and traps in case they need to be cleaned

* Checking trim and wood

* Checking to see if any openings need to be caulked

* Checking gutters or sidings for need of repair

* Treating wood with preservatives

* Cleaning storm window openings

* Checking for worn weather stripping

* Removing debris

* Cleaning gaps in decks

* Checking the air conditioner for any need of cleaning

* Checking for mildew that may need cleaning

* Checking bricks, stucco or cement for cracks

* Checking the driveway in case it needs to be resealed

* Inspecting the roofing for bubbles, wrinkles, gaps or other damage

Recurring preventative home maintenance can feel like to a chore to many homeowners, but choosing a company like Bay Area Home Inspections can help you protect and improve the value of your home. Call us today for all your recurring home maintenance needs – we’ll tell you everything you need to know to safeguard your home.