Interesting Facts About Insects

Did you know that cockroaches are known to carry 34-50 types of bacteria, 6 parasitic worms and can trigger asthma attacks?

Could you imagine that one of the most dangerous insect in the world is actually the common housefly. They carry and transmit more diseases than any other animal or insect in the world.

Interestingly, some male spiders pluck their cobwebs like a guitar, to attract female spiders.

In the world, there are approximately 35,000 + species of spiders, 27 species are known to have caused human fatalities. Watch out for the Brown Recluse, Brown Widow and Hobo Spider, which are well know in Bay Area and San Francisco, these three are venomous.

When the only queen ant dies, so does the entire colony, because no new workers are born. That’s why it’s so important for a qualified technician to use specific chemicals that will be carried to the queen; otherwise those ants will never go away!

Ants don’t ever go to sleep.

A flea can jump 130 times it’s height.

A regular brown cockroach can live up to nine days without its head, it’s dying from hunger afterwards. There are a total of 30 species known.

Everyone’s favorite – bed bugs prefer to hide in cracks and crevices during the daytime and come out to feed on the host’s blood at night, usually while the host is sleeping. Hosts are us.

A regular housefly can only ingest liquid material. Insects like flies regurgitate their food to liquefy the food that they are going to eat.

Female mosquito is the hungriest. The amount of blood a female mosquito drinks per serving is five millionths of a liter.

In perfect conditions, a nest of mice can deposit 18,000 droppings and produce 2,500 heirs in a six-month period.