How to Find Good Asbestos Testing Services

For any homeowner, asbestos testing is an important part of protecting your household from health hazards. Since asbestos testing can have such a serious impact on your safey, it’s important to know how to find reliable, trustworthy services for your home. For example, having inspectors with the proper certification can ensure that the testers you hire know the best practices for thorough and safe testing. We know this first hand because Bay Area Home Inspectors has a team of certified inspectors that know how to conduct proper testing without risk of exposure to ACM (asbestos containing material) fibers during the testing process.

In addition to certification, here are some other areas that you’ll want to particularly pay attention to when choosing which company you want to hire for asbestos testing:


When you hire a professional for asbestos testing, ask them to document their completion of federal or state approved training. Each person involved in performing the testing should be able to provide accreditation proof for the job, which helps prove the certification mentioned above.

A Proven Track Record

Be sure to check the past performance of the asbestos professionals you are thinking about hiring. You should consider checking if the firm has any safety violations by checking with the local agency responsible for worker safety, the local air pollution control board and the Better Business Bureau. Also check if there are any legal actions filed against the firm.

A Thorough Inspection

Make sure the inspection includes a complete visual examination and that the asbestos professionals you hire will conduct careful collection and laboratory analysis of samples. If asbestos is detected, a written evaluation describing the location and extent of damage should be provided by the inspector, in addition to recommendations for how to correct and prevent problems. Also, the inspector might recommend and perform checks after any corrections are made, to ensure the area effected is properly addressed.

Get it in Writing

Before the asbestos professional begins working, get a written contract that details the work plan, any needed cleanup, and the applicable federal, state and local regulations that must be followed. When the job is complete, also get written assurance from the firm that all proper procedures were followed during work.

Following Procedures

Make sure the firm you choose for asbestos testing follows these procedures:

* Asbestos dust must not be spread of tracked into other areas of your home

* The work area should be sealed off from the rest of the house using plastic sheeting and duct tape, and the heating and air conditioning systems should be disabled before testing

* The work site must be clearly marked as a hazard area and household members and pets should be kept away from the area of work

* A wetting agent should be applied to the asbestos material in a fine mist before work is performed to prevent fibers from easily entering the air and to facilitate cleanup

* Materials should not be broken up into small pieces, to prevent release of fibers into the air

* When work is complete, the entire area should be thoroughly cleaned up – regular vacuum cleaners are insufficient

* All materials used during the work process should be properly disposed of, and work site should be virtually free of dust and debris upon completion of work

With the health of your household at stake, we strongly recommend you call a properly certified company like Bay Area Home Inspections to handle your asbestos testing needs. Call us today to ensure the work you need done is handled in a completely safe, professional manner, so you can stay worry-free.